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I like to build and paint minature soldiers and vehicles.
I also like to play around in photoshop.
So hey everybody!

As some may know I'm currently working on making my own chapter, starting with my Chapter Master.

The chapter will be called the Sons of Hephaestus, a successor chapter of the salamanders. The name Hephaestus is from the Greek god of technology, blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes. Hephaestus is also the Greek equivalent of the Roman god Vulcan, which is the name of the Primarch of the Salamanders. The Sons of Hephaestus are skilled craftsmen, like the members of their founding chapter. Because of that Artificer armors and Mastercrafted weapons are not an uncommon sight in the armory of the Sons of Hephaestus.

The combat doctrine of the Sons of Hephaestus is similar to that of the Salamanders, close combat firefights and melee fights is when these warriors are at their best. Due to the nature of their home world "Adranus" in combination with their preference for close combat firefights they use a lot of melta- and flamer based weapons.

The Sons of Hephaestus where founded to combat the rising numbers of feral orks in the Night Star cluster, sending the foundling chapter in cleanse and purge missions. With only three hundred brothers in total and a complete lack of Land or Grav based vehicles due to the high gravity and geological conditions of their home world, Adranus, it was not until three centuries later that their true mission began to cleanse the stars of the ork taint. For many years their chapter served only as a cleanup force to deal with Xeno infestations and native populations after invasions, performing little in the way of crusades.

With this came the reorganization of the Chapter with the First and Tenth Companies effectively destroyed after combating a splinter fleet from the Hive Feet Leviathan and with aspirants serving underneath the tutelage of a Tactical Marine who in turn would often be led by a member of the First. Although this was frowned on by some chapters, most notably the Ultramarines for the deviation from the Codex Astartes, it was at last agreed that this would better suit both their role and tactics.

Tactics revolved mainly around meeting the enemy head on first as an unstoppable force and then as an immovable object, preferring close combat over ranged warfare and meeting the enemy head on to crush them. These tactics as well as their experience with difficult terrain earned them far more in the way of reputation than their undesirable duties earned them respect. It was not until the Third War for Armageddon, in the latter years of M41, where they dispatched their entire force were they greeted with any respect, fighting alongside their brothers to cleanse the planet of the alien filth although they were once again assigned to the task of clearing those areas infected with the xeno taint.

Despite the good it inevitably did in cutting the enemies numbers and the ferocity at which they struck any orks they encountered, they still found themselves limited to smaller skirmishes.

It was not until after this that the Chapter returned to  their keep, the Theseion, exhausted and broken with its ranks decimated by the orks and many honors and laurels won that they found their true destiny a few short decades later with the arrival of the Tyranid splinter fleets. Only a few hundred strong after horrendous losses suffered by almost every chapter involved, them included, they faced the Tyranid threat alongside the Guardsmen of Kratax III only three hundred and fifty two in number. What the aliens found was an implacable foe that would not break against their lines no matter how relentlessly they pushed and were always either beaten back by relentless defense or crushed by a devastating charge towards their leader beasts. Imperial reinforcements arrived months later to relive the embattled guard forces only to find the Hive Fleet broken and fleeing the planet to seek softer targets. These Hive Ships were dispatched either by the Imperial guns or by teams of boarders sent to skewer the heart of the beast.

Whereas planetary officials were eager to get their lives back to normal and remove the harsh restraints on both the civilian population and indeed their own power in the time of war, the Sons of Hephaestus flatly refused to allow it and demanded that the entire Planetary Defense Force and local guard forces be gathered to prepare for a scourging of the planet's surface.

This was hotly contested by the planets ruling class who demanded their own forces be left to deal with the remnants of the infestation so as to minimize the damage to their world. It was at first thought that this may be the result of genesteeler forces spread throughout the upper levels of the hives but close communiqué with the Arbites and careful study of reported disappearances showed that masses of the civilian population had been reported missing only to re-appear a few days later with such incidences increasing exponentially until the height of the invasion.

With the Imperial Palace secured the Arbites Precinct barred form the outside, the Sons of Hephaestus began to purge all they found, uprooting Tyranid nests as the population became yet more restless. Mass executions were carried out until the flood gates burst and the gene-steeler cultists began to rise up against Imperial authority. Although the situation could have been dealt with by the Planetary Defense Force and Arbites forces, it would have left room for the rot to arise anew with the planet too drained to resist the creeping taint of Tyranid infection. It was thus that the crusade to purge the population began with the city centre, marked by a statue of Vulkan himself standing proud with the first colonists of the world, that the Sons of Hephaestus made their stand, letting the unending tides of mutants and madmen break against them and purged them with bolter and flamer before taking the fight into the heart of the cities underworld, crushing those beasts that dwelt below to orchestrate the fall of Kratax III and putting them to the torch.

Although battered and drained, the Sons of Hephaestus and the citizens of Kratax III would live to rise again and into the 41st Millennia their name has become a byword for ruthless execution and utter purgation. Their duties are now considered far more important with their ranks swelled with mechanicus support and a keen eye set on them by the Deathwatch, they set out anew with their duty to bring the purging flame of the Promethium Cult to the blackest pits of xeno corruption and to purge all they found within.

So thats a bit of the Fluff that has been created around my Chapter. I hope you enjoyed reading it. :)


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